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IT service for Chinese Community in UK

A website can help raise the profile of an organization. There are many Chinese community centre in UK, most of those have a website, email or newsletters for it's members. Behind those glamorous new  tecknologies, there might be hard workings of IT professionals, one of which is  Dragon Page Group , which is the best one I have ever seen.  Dragon Page Group includes three subsidiaries,  Dragon Page Technology, Dragon Page Artists and Dragon Page Media,  The founder is Julius Tsui, an experienced IT business professional.


In middle ages, parents would give their children to the church to be monks or nuns. And the unfortunate brats were known as oblates. Means a sacrifice, an offering, something of that sort. In Philippine, there is an annual naked run in the University of Philippine, which is called Oblation Run. The Oblation Run is an annual ritual which was started in 1977 by the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity to promote the stage play "Hubad na Bayani" (Naked Hero). Because it was hugely popular, the fraternity has since held the event yearly to the delight of both young men and women from UP and the neighboring schools. This event is usually done on December 16.