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Early Numeracy: A Guide for Parents

It's not just about numbers The idea of mathematics for pre-school children can seem a bit daunting. However, at this age a lot of maths is about understanding ideas such as size, shape and pattern - things that most adults would not think of as maths at all. If your child gains an early understanding of these concepts, then this can give him or her a flying start with number work. Shapes Give your child opportunities to notice and recognize the different shapes around them. Use the proper names when talking to children about 3D shapes and encourage them to find things in the house with the same shape. Look at road signs and discuss the different 2D shapes you see. Counting Children enjoy counting real objects. Counting the stairs as you take your child up to bed each night; count buttons on clothes; count the number of apples into a shopping bag; count 'pennies' in a money box and save up to buy something. Make up little games and ask your children to fetch 3

Early Literacy : A Guide for Parents

A major part of our work with children is developing Early Literacy skills. One of the most significant steps in learning to read is a gradual understanding that the visual aspects of print , that is the individual letters and groups of letters correspond to the sounds we hear in speaking. In Nursery as well as at home, we can help children in this process by: reciting and singing Nursery Rhymes using rhymes of all kinds to make sounds fun encouraging the children to dress up and act out their favourite rhymes and stories drawing the children attention to words that start/end with the same letters and sounds Number rhymes are also good fun and help children to remember the order of numbers You are also: Using lots of plastic, magnetic and sponge letters as well as alphabet puzzles, wall friezes and alphabet books to encourage the children to learn the names and sounds of letters encouraging the children to recognise his/her own name and its letters drawing attention