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Booth and Kiosk

BBC - mble Ask a question - booth and kiosk : "the difference between the Booth and kiosk" 'via Blog this' "Kiosk" originally came from Iran or  Turkey; In America, a public telephone booth is not a kiosk, while in London it's called public telephone kiosk.

Buddha Day or Wesak Fact Sheet

Buddha Day Buddha Day is also known as Wesak and is one of the most celebrated Buddhist festivals. Celebrations of the birth of Buddha take place on the full moon in May and for some Buddhists it is also a mark of his death. Buddha translates into “one who is awake” and therefore is enlightened. The term is used to describe a person who has gained supreme wisdom and compassion of Enlightenment and is viewed as a blessed state of being. Buddha disciples Many of Buddha's disciples have attained Enlightenment, and there have been many other Enlightened teachers. Wesak is when Buddhists remember the story of how Buddha gained Enlightenment as well reflecting on what it would mean to an individual to go down the path of Enlightenment. Celebrations The celebrations involve much colour and enjoyment where houses are given a spring clean and then decorated with colourful objects for example, paper and wood lanterns are used to decorates homes in Thailand. There are many act

Scrolling shooter

Scrolling shooter is a kind of game that them game world scrolls horizontally or vertically across the screen as the game progresses. Although the player's position on the screen remains fairly static, the scrolling creates the illusion of continues movement through a larger world. Scrolling shooter effect is achieved through scrolling background by using a tiling background image that moves through the room. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

How to ask people to brainstorm for you?

Whenever you ask people to brainstorm for you, I can guarantee that you get many crazy ideas as "pie in the sky." If you are faced with a very creative opportunity, it's easy to let the enthusiasm get the better of you, of course, it should be easier for you to spot the ideas that are impossible or just too much work. Be gentle with your collaborators and try to bring them down to earth without too much of a bump. If you reject all their ideas before they finish their sentence, they'll quickly stop continuing! Explain how the same idea might be turned into something more feasible, and don't dismiss any ideas until you've finished the brainstorming process. It's worth keeping everyone brainstorming, as it's often the case that people who have the craziest idea eventually come up with brilliant idea that no one else would thought of. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Game genres

Reading The Game Maker's Apprentice, a nice book for beginners, by jacob Habgood, and Mark Overmars. (Their surnames sound a bit strange, Over Mars? Is he an alien?) While I am reading along, I suddenly feel game making is as easy as playing a game, just by drag-and-drop thanks to the simple interface the developer's tool called Game Maker. Object oriented programming jargons are explained inside the game making procedure, and become easy-understood concepts. Now I am at chapter 5, I would like to share with you their list of the main game genres: Action games, such as sport, combat,racing; Simulator games, such as flight sims; Strategy games, e.g. War game, puzzle games; Adventure games, e.g., point-and click, usually let player interact at their own pace, providing short-term puzzle-based challenges and long-term story-led challenges. Rol-playing games, such as online RPGs. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Hallowe'en was Celtic New Year

The ancient Celtic peoples of north-west Europe celebrated New Year around the start of November. As Christianity spread in the Celtic lands during the ninth century, the Celtic festival was used as a base for a new Christian Holy day. So 1 November was made All saints' day, or All Hallows. One hundred and fifty years later, the Christian Church chose 2 November as All Souls' Day. On All Souls' Day Christians remember those who have died and pray that their souls may enter Heaven. Despite the Christian Church's efforts, Celtic tradition continued in a festival that became known as Hallowe'en. This is held on 31 October, the evening of All Hallows. Is the suffix -e'en meant evening? Like that in Christmas Eve? Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

True love never ends

By Poon Wing Lam. It's also very interesting that in her short biography she claimed "Encounter Lord in 2002". Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Thanksgiving Day

When the first European settled in America they arrived too late to sow crops for the following year's harvest. Nearly half the settlers died of starvation during that winter. The next spring, those who had survived were able to plant their seeds and,celebrated with festival. The festival became known as Thanksgiving Day, and in 1941 it was given the fixed date each year of the fourth Thursday in November. Traditional thanksgiving foods include turkey, which is eaten with cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is also celebrated in canada, where it is held on the second Monday in october. Canadian hold Thanksgiving before the Americans because winter begins earlier in Canada than the USA. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Children in China are starving for food like that

In a very interesting novel, Lanark, by Alasdair Gray, with a story of the young Duncan Thaw, growing up in post-war Glasgow, I see this similar line which Chinese parents now use to teach their own children in China, they say, "Children in Africa are starving for food like that!" The little Duncan always refused shepherd's pie or any other food whose appearance disgusted him: spongy white tripe, soft penis-like sausages, stuffed sheep's hearts with their valves and little arteries. When one of these came before him he poked it uncertainly with his fork and the argument between the mother and son began:- "I don't want it." "Why not?" "It looks queer." "But you haven't taste it! Taste just a little bit. For my sake." "No." "Children in China are starving for food like that." "Send it to them." It is very funny that now I may sometime use "starving African children"

You never see the same body twice

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus believed in a world of perpetual change, of eternal 'becoming'. He made the interesting observation, 'you cannot step into the same river twice', because the river is constantly flowing. Likewise, if we could see the body the way it really is, we would never see the same body twice. Far from being solid mass like a sculpture, the body is in a state of constant change like the river. The skeleton, for instance, may seem solid, ye the bone we have today were not there three months ago. Cells of the body are constantly being replaced. We make a new liver every six weeks, a new skin every month, and a new stomach lining every four days. In fact, ninety-eight percent of the atoms in our body were not there a year ago. So the body we can see and touch is, in reality, a stream of energy. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


A flue is the void through which smoke, fumes and gaseous discharges pass, not the pipe or structure forming the void. The pipe is referred to as a flue pipe and a chimney is that part of the structure of a building which forms a flue. For example, the space within a brick-built chimney is the flue. Most heat-producing appliances must be connected to a flue, in the form of either a chimney or a flue pipe. Unflued appliances can lead to condensation trouble, but some oil-burning and gas appliances are designed to operate without being connected to any kind of flue. Some gas appliances do not connect directly to a flue, for example, a gas cooker.