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Descendants of the Dragon

A totem is any supposed entity that watches over or assists a group of people, such as a family, clan, or tribe. Many Chinese people often use the term "Descendants of the Dragon" as a sign of ethnic identity, or totem. But this has not always been the case. The Yellow River is called "the cradle of Chinese civilization", as its basin is the birthplace of the northern Chinese civilizations, Chinese history begins with the Three August Ones (San Huang, or sometimes called three Sovereigns), followed by the Five Emperors (Wu Di). The three August Ones were said to be god-kings or demigods. Shennong the 'Blazing Sovereign' reigned 120 years, his tribe used dragon or ox as totems. His mother was influenced by a sacred dragon, she brought forth the blazing god with a man's body and an ox's head. This was Shennong, he has an ox body, but his mother was infuenced by a dragon, which might be another tribe's totem used by the tribe of Shennong's fathe

Try something completely different

Lost your va va voom? Has your get up and go, got up and gone? Bring some life back into your life by trying something a little bit different this week, this month or this year. It's never too late to let yourself go. Learn to samba, brush up your wine tasting or get splattered at paintball. There's something for everyone. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="430" caption="Va va voom"] [/caption]

How to treat head lice

Detection combing - how to do it You need: plastic detection comb (from the chemist) good lighting ordinary comb Wash the hair well then dry it with a towel. The hair should be damp, not dripping. Make sure there is good light. Daylight is best. Comb the hair with an ordinary comb. Start with the teeth of the detection comb touching the skin of the scalp at the top of the head. Draw the comb carefully towards the edge of the hair. Look carefully at the teeth of the comb in good light. Do this over and over again from the top of the head to the edge of the hair in all directions, working round the head. Do this for several minutes. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to do it properly for each head. if there are head lice, you will find one or more lice on the teeth of the comb. Head lice are little insects with moving legs. They are often not much bigger than a pinhead, but may be as big as a sesame seed (the seeds on burger buns). Clean the comb under the tap. A nailbrush helps to do this. If y

head lice: The truth and the Myths

The lice Head lice are small insects with six legs, They are often said to be "as large as a match head". In fact, they are often not much bigger than a pinhead and rarely bigger than a sesame seed (the seeds on burger buns). They live on, or very close to the scalp and don't wander far down the hair shafts for very long. The louse's mouth is like a very small needle. It sticks this into the scalp and drinks the blood. They can only live on human beings. You can't catch them from animals. Nits are not the same thing as lice. Lice are the insects that move around the head. Nits are egg cases laid by lice, stuck on to hair shafts. They are smaller than a pinhead and are pearly white. if you have nits it doesn't always mean that you have head lice. When you have got rid of all the lice, the nits will stay stuck to the hair until it grows out. You only have head lice if you can find a living, moving louse (not a nit) on the scalp. Who and where?