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Longest Customer Service Email Address

This Customer Service Email of the Bank of China, is specially for such issues as Chinese RMB currency in circulation and anti-counterfeit reporting and complaints. oxB3F6C4C9D3EBCFD6BDF0B9DCC0EDz The username part before @ is in hexadecimal, and has two markups signs, ox means this email username is in the form of hexadecimal, and z means Chinese Pinyin, which is the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet. That means, the part before z is representing for some Chinese characters, after z is for some Chinese pinyin. B3F6C4C9D3EBCFD6BDF0B9DCC0ED mean "cashier and cash management," FJPJKFB means anti-counterfeit Customer Service Department, CNYXJGL represents  "the cashier and cash management" in Chinese Pinyin.

Was an Earth year shorter in Adam's time?

According the Biblical record, Adam lived 930 years and he died, Abramham died at the age of 175. In Chinese myths, or semi-history, the first of the Three Sovereigns Fuxi lived for 197 years altogether, while Peng Zu supposedly lived 800 years. Longest-lived vertebrate on earth is tortoise or kind of fish called Koi. Tortoises are known to have lived more than 150 years. A longest-lived Koi named Hanako whose death on July 17, 1977 ended a 226 year life span. A maximum life expectancy of human being is about 120 years according with current data. There are skepticism towards the long life span, scientific evidence in biochemistry of aging and theological explanation that God intervened to shorten man's life from 900 to 120. But none of these hypothesis can actually solve the problem of  this dramatic change in human life spans. There could be another hypothesis added to current ones, that is, the YEAR in Adam's time might be shorter due to the evolution of the univer

Bonzee and Bonzary

Bonzee was a name referring to Chinese Buddhist used by Jesuit missionaries in 18th Century.  And so a Bonzary was a Buddhist convents or temple of Bonzee. A Chinese Bonzee often seen begging alms in the street with their bowls, a wooden bell which he would beat now and then to announce his approaching or attraction attention of the donor. A begging Bonzee normally kept silent and very solemn. Buddha was said to go out begging only in the morning and never beg and eat after noon. A Bonzee beggin Jesuits believed that it was necessary to become all things to all men, in order to gain over men to Christ,[1] so they in India became a Braman; in Siam a Talapoin; in China either a Bonzee, or a Confucian and philosopher; in Africa they appeared as Marabou. [2] Some times they appeared before Chinese as a Bonzee or a Confucianist. ---- [1]A Description Of The Solemnities Observed At Pe-king, When The Emperor's Mother Entered On The Sixtieth Year Of Her Age. Miscellaneous

Long s and ligature ct

Many 18th century books or newspapers have curious long s, and ligatures. Long s is used where s occurred in the middle or at the beginning of a word, except that in the combination sf  a short s is used instead. long-s Long s is derived from Roman cursive medial s, so it is also called medial s. The long s has a f-like nub at its middle, but on the left side only, thus many OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology misread the long-s as an "f". There was no nub in its italic typeform, which gave the stroke a descender curling to the left, thus it is also called descending s. Long-s Italic typeform The character c in quaint ligature ct looks like Greek letter epsilon, or a French cedila on head of c. ct ligature

Average and spread

If you have a set of data, say exam marks or heights, and are told to find the ‘average’. So what’s an average? An average indicates the typical value of a set of data, and it could be done in three different ways, which are  are mean, median and mode. (a)The median The median is the middle number. The data is arranged in order from the smallest to the largest; the middle number is then selected. This is really the central number of the range and is called the median. If there are two ‘middle’ numbers, the median is in the middle of these two numbers. (b)The mean The mean is the most common measure of average. All the data is added up and the total divided by the number of items. This is called the mean and is equivalent to sharing out all the data evenly. (c)The mode The number of items which occurs most frequently in a frequency table is selected. This is the most popular value and is called the mode (from the French ‘à la mode’ meaning ‘fashionable’). Each ‘av

Did God lie?

 Many people asked the question that if God lied to Adam and Eve, and the answer is no. God said, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die." This description gives us an impression that the fruits from the tree of life are poisonous, and Adam and Eve might have died at the day when they ate it. But what if Adam and  Eve were created to live forever, i.e. the were immortal? Because they ate the forbidden fruit, they did die when they became old . So God told the truth. Then the next question: Did the serpent lie? The answer is also no. "You will not surely die,"he then serpent said to the woman. "For god knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." We may conclude from the consequence, the second part of the serpent's words were certainly true, but how about the f

Isometric drawing

When we draw a solid on paper we are making a 2-D representation of a 3-D object. Here are two pictures of the same cuboid, measuring 4x3x2 units. cuboid on ordinary squared paper and on isometric paper The isometric paper has a grid of equilateral triangles instead of square, this isometric view can be obtained by choosing viewing direction in such a way that the angles between the projection of x, y, and z axes are all the same, or 120. The dimensions of the cuboid cannot be taken from the first picture but they can be taken from the picture drawn on isometric paper. Instead of isometric paper you can also use 'triangular dotty' paper. triangular dotty paper Be careful to use it the right way round.

Shape and Space

Transforming shapes Reflection : With reflection the object and its image are congruent because they are the same size and shape. Rotation : You need three things to describe a rotation: (a) the centre (b) the angle (c) the direction (e.g. clockwise). Enlargement : The scale factor of an enlargement can be found by dividing corresponding lengths on two pictures. Reduction : Even though a shape has undergone a reduction, mathematicians prefer to call it an enlargement with a fractional scale factor. Translation : A translation is simply a 'shift'. There is no turning or reflection and the object stays the same size. Translations are described by vector. In a vector the top number gives the number of units across (positive to the right) and the bottom number gives the number of units up/down (positive upwards). Translation with a vector Tessellations : A tessellation is formed when a shape (or shapes) fit together without gaps to cover a surface, like jigsaw puzz