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Who is the most foolish man?

Who is the most foolish man among this 3 men? 1. A Nigerian man who watered his farm garden in the rain. 2. A Kenyan man who saw a ripe mango, climbed the tree to confirm then came down and used stone to pluck it.. 3. A Ugandan man saw something that looked like shit, he touched it with his finger and tasted it and said: "mmmh! It's shit wooo! Thank God i didn't step on it!!! Most foolish. Don't say 3 of them. Choose one. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

A Nigeria Joke

Akpos was sent to deliver a chicken in Lagos. On his way a careless okada made him to fall. The chicken immediately ran off. When Akpos saw the chicken running away, he started laughing. When asked why he was laughing, he said "see this Mumu chicken, where does she know in Lagos when the address is with me?" Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Alarm clock

If you think It is your alarm clock that wakes you every morning, try putting it next to a corpse and understand the grace of God. TTYMODE Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

A Joke

------Original Message------ From: 2600F8C6 To: 2A731877 Subject: Joke Sent: 16 Dec 2012 11:26 Teacher gave an assignment on drawing to draw any nice pix. After 5 minutes Akpors submitted a blank paper. Teacher: What did you draw? Akpors: A cow eating grass, Sir. Teacher: But there is no grass here. Akpors: The cow ate them all. Teacher: Now where is the cow? Akpors: There was no more grass then the cow went away. Hehehe...! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Calgacus Speech

"We, the most distant dwellers upon the earth, the last of the free ... There no more nations beyond us, nothing but waves and rocks and the Romans who are more deadly than these ... The Romans call robbery and murder by the lying name of 'government'; they create wildness and call it peace." I saw in couple of occasion that people quotes this speech, but never knew this was made by a Celtic chieftain Calgacus. In AD 84, a Roman legion marched north to crushed the remaining Celtic tribes. A great horde of Celtic warriors gathered near a hill known as Mons Graupius. Tacitus witnessed the fierce battle, and recorded the Calgacus' Speech to his warriors before the battle of Mons Graupius. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

The Ring of Brodgar

The Ring of Brodgar or the stone of henge at Callanish had over 60 standing stones, forming a great open temple. This ancient monuments may have been gigantic star clock to help the farmers know when to sow their seeds or harvest their crops. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Skara Brae

The ancient buried village Skara Brae was found in 1850, when a great gale ripped across the Orkney Island off the north coast of Scotland. This mysterious site was then excavated in 1920s. Every thing in Skara Brae was made of stone, and the people seemed to leave their home in a hurry. Did they run away from a nature disaster, or escape from enemy from Norse? My imagination is that God placed those ancient Scottish people there, built a stone house for them, just like He did for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, this was just another settlements on the Earth, where the weather is colder and the environment is extremely severe. But His experiments failed again because of the wickedness of Human, so he drove out them again, and scattered them over the land of  Scotland.

Democracy Began, When the Babel Tower Fell

Democracy actually originated from God's Will and started at the Babel Tower, when the united humanity was confused and dispersed by God, people has never been successfully reunited in 'one mind' and 'same thought', either by language or cultural barrier. The second reason of democracy is the imperfect nature of human being, which was inherited from One Sinned Man. The imperfectness of individual causes the corruption of an organisation, and at last the flaw of the whole human society.  We hate evil but not the evil person, just as the doctor cures sickness, but doesn't destroy the patient. We can find evidence everywhere in the Bible that God tried to get rid of evil simply by destroying sinners, for example he only chose 8 people and used the Great Flood to clean up the whole earth. Could that be called great love and benevolent?

Why is Jesus called the Root of His Ancestors Jesse and David?

I have heard that Jesus was God's first begotten Son and Archangel. Then, it seems to me to be quite easy to understand that Jesus is the 'root of Jesse'. Basically, Jesus was not the REAL descendant of David, he came down to earth and MATERIALIZED himself, or by God's power, as human being, so God just used Mary as a kind of carrier of incubator. Angels came down to earth and materialized themselves by different ways: reincarnation is one of them. All Chinese, whether Buddhist or not, are familiar with those stories of gods and angels, who were punished by Supreme God Shang Di and driven down to earth to be reincarnated as human being, such as Pigsy, and Sandy in the romance  the Journey to the West. When their mission's completed, or penalty fulfilled, they went back to Heaven.

A well-rubbed Palm-stem

In the midst of the tumult among the men of Medina when they met to elect a chief to take the place of Mohammed, who had passed away, the voice of Hobab was heard crying out, "Attend to me, attend to me, for I am the well-rubbed palm-stem." The figure Hobab used represented a palm-trunk left for the beasts to come and rub themselves upon. It was a metaphor for a person much resorted to for counsel.

Musk deer

Musk-deer, or roe-buck, is a kind of a deer without horns, with hair of a blackish colour. It is in the mountains of Northern China that the musk-deer is generally found by hunters. Musk-deer is a precious wild animal, not only for the musk, but the body, which is in great esteem; The musk-bag is composed of a very thin skin, covered with hair extremely fine. The flesh is good to eat, and is even served up at the best tables. The flesh of serpents is the favorite and most common food of this roe-buck, who kills them with ease, however large or numerous; for no sooner does he come near than the serpent becomes overpowered with the scent of the musk; and so well is this fact known to the mountaineers, that when they go to cut wood or make charcoal in the mountains, they carry about their persons a few grains of this musk, and rest and sleep without fear from the venomous snakes, which might otherwise destroy them.

Early Numeracy: A Guide for Parents

It's not just about numbers The idea of mathematics for pre-school children can seem a bit daunting. However, at this age a lot of maths is about understanding ideas such as size, shape and pattern - things that most adults would not think of as maths at all. If your child gains an early understanding of these concepts, then this can give him or her a flying start with number work. Shapes Give your child opportunities to notice and recognize the different shapes around them. Use the proper names when talking to children about 3D shapes and encourage them to find things in the house with the same shape. Look at road signs and discuss the different 2D shapes you see. Counting Children enjoy counting real objects. Counting the stairs as you take your child up to bed each night; count buttons on clothes; count the number of apples into a shopping bag; count 'pennies' in a money box and save up to buy something. Make up little games and ask your children to fetch 3

Early Literacy : A Guide for Parents

A major part of our work with children is developing Early Literacy skills. One of the most significant steps in learning to read is a gradual understanding that the visual aspects of print , that is the individual letters and groups of letters correspond to the sounds we hear in speaking. In Nursery as well as at home, we can help children in this process by: reciting and singing Nursery Rhymes using rhymes of all kinds to make sounds fun encouraging the children to dress up and act out their favourite rhymes and stories drawing the children attention to words that start/end with the same letters and sounds Number rhymes are also good fun and help children to remember the order of numbers You are also: Using lots of plastic, magnetic and sponge letters as well as alphabet puzzles, wall friezes and alphabet books to encourage the children to learn the names and sounds of letters encouraging the children to recognise his/her own name and its letters drawing attention